Pokémon Going to Work

For my Maker Faire project I decided to hit two birds with one stone. I am on the Take5 Committee at the Kennedy Library where I help plan stress relief activities for college students. Our first activity this fall will be a Pokémon Go event where we place “lures” in the Pokestops outside our library for 8 hours straight to lure rare Pokémon and incoming freshmen. We thought it would be cool if we had a real Pokestop at the event, which is the second bird hit by this stone of a project.

To make the Pokestop I decided to try using the same foam board architecture students use to make models. I did this because a) architecture is one of the most popular programs at our university and b) I had never worked with this material before. Either I got the wrong kind of foam board, the wrong tools, or architecture students are gluttons for punishment because it was the hardest material I have ever worked with. I tried using a razor to cut the shapes out and eventually resorted to kitchen sheers which left my hands red and raw.

I cut out the shapes, glued them to a dowel and filled the gaps between layers with sheetrock putty because it was what I had on hand. Once the putty and glue dried I spray painted the project with blue spray paint.

The biggest lesson I learned with this project is to not assume a project will be easy. I thought I was going to be making a fun and laid back project, but it was extremely difficult and didn’t turn out as cool as I had hoped. At least I know that next time I make a display for work I should use materials I am comfortable with.  0731161347.jpg


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